Fit and Strong-5 Benefits of Resistance Training

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Resistance training helps build stronger bones, increase your metabolism and improves overall health



If there was a way you could add years to your life, build stronger bones, feel more energized and confident in your own body, would you want to know how to accomplish this? If your answer is yes, I have goods for you, you can accomplish this and it starts with making the commitment to start a resistance training or weight training program. 

Whether you choose to start your resistance training program at home or at the gym, the benefits of resistance training are too numerous to not add to your fitness regimen. If you’re new to resistance training and wondering if the benefits are worth the investment, discover five benefits of resistance training below.

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training?

Benefit # 1. Increased Bone Density

Strength training aids in creating stronger and more dense bones. When you place a “load” or “stress” on your bones through weight-bearing resistance training activities, the resistance stimulates the bones to form new bone cells. The cycle of creating new bone cells increases bone mineral density making your bones stronger and lessening your chance of future fractures from osteoporosis (low bone mineral density).  

Benefit # 2. Increased Strength

When you apply an external force or “resistance” on your muscle tissues by using a resistance training band, dumbbells or your own body weight, you create microfiber tears inside of your muscle tissues. After each resistance training session, the body starts a healing process to repair the torn tissues.  Over time, the continuous cycle of breaking down and healing of your muscle tissues, your muscles will begin to become stronger and grow in size.  The growth of your muscle tissues is called “hypertrophy” or muscular growth.  

Benefit # 3. Improved Mood

Research shows feel good hormones such as Dopamine and Serotonin are released during physical activity including resistance training. Having a really stress-filled day, why not take 30-minutes out of your day to get in a good resistance training session. Improve your mood, elevate your heart rate and increase your strength. Your body will say thank you! 

Benefit # 4. Reduced Body Fat

Resistance training is one of the most effective ways to build lean dense muscle tissue and to lose stubborn body fat. Muscle tissue is more dense and active compared to fat tissue. Therefore, even at the state of rest, muscle tissue helps to burn calories. 

Benefit # 5. Improve Heart Health 

Your heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised through safe physical exertion on a regular basis in order to function at its most healthiest capacity. By participating in a regular resistance training program, you may experience the health benefits of a lowered resting heart rate, lowered blood pressure and greater functioning of your heart, which are great health benefits to all ages and skill levels. 

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of Resistance Training? 

With all of this new information in your fitness tool box, you may be anxiously ready to start your resistance training program. If you are, that’s great!  However, before starting any exercise program including a new resistance training program, get clearance from your doctor. Although the benefits of resistance training are numerous, there are risks associated with all exercise. 

Take Away the Fitness Confusion! 

You’re now equipped with the benefits of resistance training, but you may be confused about where and how to start your resistance training program! 

We’ve Got You Covered! 

Exhale! There’s no need to try and figure out how or where to start your resistance training program! We’ve taken the guesswork out for you by creating our signature D.I.Y. fitness program Fit-N-5(™). 

What’s The Fit-N-5 Fitness Training Method? 

The Fit-N-5 Training Method(™) consists of 5-exercises, 5-5 minute exercise rounds (1-minute per exercise). The goal behind our training method is to keep your heart rate elevated and keep your body in a continuous state of movement within a circuit fashion. This type of training helps you to burn more calories, save time and get results without having to go to the gym or commit to spending  useless hours doing cardio! Fit-N-5 is all about intensity and movement! 

We don’t stop at just providing a done-for-you D.I.Y. fitness program, we teach you fitness training principles and terminologies, help you identify how many sets, repetitions and weight to use in order to reach your goals, we teach you how to fuel your workouts, how to stretch to avoid injuries and so much more! 

Really, it’s that simple! 

Are you ready to get started? Click here to learn more about Fit-N-5 D.I.Y. fitness program! 

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