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Burn Fat, Get Toned, Blast Your Metabolism
All Under 25 Minutes!

If you answered yes, Fit-N-5 is the online D.I.Y Fitness Program for you!

Why Fit N 5 ?

Fit-N-5 (TM) was designed for busy individuals who want to get fit but don’t want to spend hours in the gym getting results!

This program doesn’t require you to drive to the gym for your workout! Rather, you can do Fit-N-5 from the comfort of your home with limited equipment! Only equipment required is a resistance-training band, a set of dumbbells, a mat and your body!  

It’s that simple! 

The Goal of Fit-N-5 is simple!

5-exercises, 1-minute each exercise done in a circuit fashion, 5-rounds and you’re done!

It's All About Movement!

Exercising in a circuit-fashion requires you to perform one exercise and move immediately to the next exercise without resting until you complete the entire circuit. Exercising in this fashion will increase your metabolism, heart rate and caloric burn even after you stop exercising! 

That’s right, even after you stop Fit-N-5, you’re still burning calories! 

This means a torched metabolism in 25 minutes that will help you shed unwanted body fat, increase your cardiovascular conditioning and save you time! 

Doesn’t that feel amazing?

What Items Come with the Program?

After paying for the program, open Fit-N-5 on your phone or laptop and get started! The following guides come in digital format!

Resistance Training Guide

This 31-page resistance training guide will answer questions like, how do you identify your current fitness level, how many days per week should you do resistance training, how to perform exercise safely, what’s the difference between single-joint and multi-joint movements and so much more!

Fit N 5 Fitness Program Guide and Exercises

This 54-page fitness guide walks you step-by-step on how to use Fit-N-5. All exercises for the program are found in this guide. In this guide you’re provided with the “how to” on how to execute each exercise properly to avoid injury and how to get results! Learn everything you need to burn fat, tone your entire body and save time in this fitness guide!

Balanced Nutrition E-Book

It’s no secret, healthy eating is required to reach your fitness goals, shed unwanted body fat and reach optimal levels of great health!  Therefore, in this 51-page nutrition book you will learn why diets don’t work, why consuming the right types of carbohydrates fuel your performance, why consuming high amounts of protein won’t lead to increased muscle growth and so much more!

Get Fit in 5-Steps

We made getting fit simple! Reach your goals in 5 steps!

Step 1:

Pay and download all program documents

Step 2:

Read Fit-N-5 fitness program guide

Step 3:

Commit to at least 2-3 days per week to implement Fit-N-5

Step 4:

Read Fit-N-5 resistance training guide at your own pace

Step 5:

Read Balanced Nutrition at your own pace

What are The Benefits of Fit-N-5 ?