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She’s Career and Business Fit-8 Tips for Business and Career Women to Eat Healthy  

Planning your meals in advance can save you time, money and help you maintain a healthy weight

It’s no secret that healthy eating is required in order for you to reach your fitness, weight loss and overall health goals! However, focusing on your career, business or family can leave you eating unhealthy, sitting for long periods of time and leave your mind fogging from not fueling your body with healthy foods. 

Therefore, use our following 8 healthy eating tips to stay on track with your healthy eating! 

8 Tips to Eat Healthy as a Busy Career or Business Woman 

Tip # 1: Limit your intake of processed and canned foods: Processed and canned foods contain high amounts of sodium and chemicals which if consumed in large amounts, can lead to water retention (edema) and high blood pressure (hypertension). Therefore, limit these products and purchase fresh or frozen foods. If you don’t have time to grocery shop, order online or subscribe to a meal prep subscription like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. 

Tip # 2: When grocery shopping, shop the perimeter of the store: By shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store you will find fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy products. Shopping in the middle aisles is where the majority of processed and canned foods are located. Grab healthy snacks foods like grapes, carrots and apples to snack on while you’re on the go or at your office. 

Tip # 3: Always read nutrition labels: Read all nutrition facts and ingredient list labels. Don‘t be fooled by pretty packaging and creative wording that you find on products that claim to be healthy or boost trending words like “anti-oxidants” or “whole foods”.

Tip # 4: Consider food as fuel for the body. Look at eating healthy food as fuel that helps you to stay focused, productive and feel energized to meet your career, life and health goals. Fast foods, food high in calories and empty calories won’t positively fuel your mind or body.  

Tip # 5: Prepare meals in advance: Preparing meals in advance will help you avoid making impulsive food decisions while on the go with your busy life. Therefore, try to avoid leaving your house without healthy meals or snacks on a daily basis. Aim for snacks between 150-200 calories that are fresh and easy to grab like cashews, sliced apples or sliced cucumbers. 

Tip# 6 Take time and chew your food slowly: Step away from work and take your time to check your food slowly. Mindful eating will allow you to enjoy the taste of your food and give you a sense of fullness and help you avoid consuming excess calories. Mindful eating puts you in tune with your body’s hunger or satiety (satisfied) signals. 

Tip # 7: Set a Timer: Set a timer to notify you when it’s time to eat, snack or rehydrate. Being focused on projects and deadlines often leave you ignoring hunger and thirst signals. Overtime this can affect your overall health. 

Tip # 8: Use condiments sparingly: Ketchup and creamy salad dressings can be high in sugar and calories and offer little-to-no nutritional value. Therefore, get creative and make your own seasonings by using herbs, olive oil and sea salt and if you eat out during lunch or business meeting ask for a clear dressing. Clear dressing typically contains less calories than creamy dressings. 

When you grocery shop aim for a variety of colors from fresh fruits and vegetables

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