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Fit,Empowered & Unstoppable-A Woman’s Fitness Guide to Becoming Her Fittest Version of Herself





Are You a Woman Who…

*Desires to start resistance-training or lifting weights but you don’t know where or “how” to start? 

*Do you want to learn how to use resistance-training (weight lifting) to tone your body and shed unwanted body fat but you’re afraid you’ll look manly or too bulky? 

*Are you tired of doing endless hours of cardio and spending excessive amounts of time in the gym and not seeing lasting results? 

*Are you ready to become the fittest, most empowered and unstoppable version of yourself and build your confidence?

*Do you want to increase your physical strength in order to ward off osteoporosis and other health issues as you age? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions,, Fit, Empowered and Unstoppable is the fitness-training book for you. 

On the following pages of Fit, Empowered and Unstoppable, Fitness Olympian, IFBB Fitness Pro, 5-Time National Physique Committee Fitness Champion, 13 x Author, Women’s Health and Fitness Expert and In Weekly’s Best Personal Trainer on The Gulf Coast in 2016, Laticia “Action” Jackson will teach you:

*How to set realistic fitness goals for your body-type without feeling overwhelmed or confused 

*How to tone your most stubborn body parts without gaining excessive muscle mass while remaining feminine

*How to evenly burn body fat including stubborn abdominal fat without hours of cardio or unrealistic dieting 

*Challenging yet easy to follow exercises based on your fitness level for your entire body that can be done at home or the gym

*Resistance- training terminology that will empower you with knowledge on how to lift weights properly and how to avoid injury

*What to eat before, during and after your workout for maximum results and so much more!

If you’re  ready to get over the fear of lifting weights, desire to learn “how” to tone your entire body and you want to build your confidence through fitness, this book is for you! 

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