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WellMINORITY Content Package



Use our engaging and conversational minority women’s wellness content to drive brand awareness, sell your products and educate your audience of African-American women on how to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and hypertension, how to overcome barriers to exercise, how to eat healthy on a budget, explore how cultural norms affect mental health and so much more.


Our WellMINORITY package includes the following articles:

1. You Count Too:

5 Ways To Invest In Your Health Today

2. The Silent Killer:

5 Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure

3. At the Heart of the Matter:

5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

4.Goodbye Strong Black Woman:

3 Tips To Decode Cultural Norms and Improve Your Mental Health

5. Fit, Tight and Toned:

6 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals and Tone Your Curves


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