Diabetes, Heart Disease & Hypertension Doesn’t Have To Be
The Norm for African-American Women!

We can change this norm!

Why Change the Norm?

Why Did We Create Changing The Norm Wellness Program?

Changing the Norm is a culturally relevant health & wellness program designed to provide evidence-based health education, chronic disease awareness and community support for African-American women aged 24-65. Our mission is to decrease preventable chronic illnesses that disproportionately affect African-American by empowering African-American women with the tools and resources to become their best health and wellness advocates.

What Items Come with the Program?

All program items are in digital format and provided immediately after purchase.

How is Program Implemented?

We offer Changing the Norm Wellness Program to be implemented in three ways:

1). Online

Each quarter we offer Changing the Norm Wellness Program online where our health and wellness experts teach weekly classes on health, behavior change, nutrition and wellness. Program participants are assigned weekly readings and activities to increase their learning and engagement. 

Investment: $397.97

2). D.I.Y.

We offer the opportunity for African-American women to go on their health and wellness journey alone at their own pace by offering Changing the Norm Wellness Program in a D.I.Y. format. Once payment is made, all digital materials for the program are downloaded and accessible. Instructions on how to implement the 6-week wellness program is provided.

Investment: $297.97

3). Annual License

We offer minority health organizations, health plans, churches and other organizations who have a key focus on African-American women’s health the opportunity to license Changing the Norm Wellness Program on an annual basis. We train health educators, providers and peer educators on how to use the program and provide program support when needed.


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How Long is Program?

Changing the Norm was designed to be implemented for 6-weeks. Based on your preference you can extend this period of time. However, it is not recommended to shorten the designated time of 6-weeks. Behavior change and learning new healthy habits takes time. Therefore, it is advisable to not rush through the program in order to yield better outcomes.

What are Program Benefits?

After completing “Changing the Norm Wellness Program” participants will:

Change The Norm Today!

Diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses doesn’t have to be the norm for African-American women. We can change this norm! 

Make this change today by joining our next 6-week online cycle, license our program for your organization or use as a D.I.Y. for yourself! 

You have power to change your health!